A Better Community Database

Nonprofits rely on good information. Unfortunately, unfriendly software often acts as a barrier and data becomes an unwelcome chore.

With ABCD, data is easy and intuitive – and learning is powerful.

From data collection to report generation, ABCD is your platform for operations, evaluation, collaboration and strategy.

All you need in a database is right here, accessible through any web browser, free to own and use.

To get a feel for ABCD, try the installed demo instance today.

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    What Makes ABCD Different?

    Work smarter, not harder – amplify your impact.

    With an array of built-in Smart Tools, ABCD allows you to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

    The customizable real-time report builder empowers you to compare different metrics with the touch of a button.

    Just because your work is complex, doesn’t mean your data has to be.

    With ABCD data becomes easy. Categorize, organize, collect, and interpret information with a few clicks.

    Understanding and using data has never been so simple!

    When you collect data, you expect reliability, security, and consistency.

    With ABCD you get all of that and more.

    Whether you are at your desk or out in the field, ABCD can come with you. We are proud to offer a reliable data management program that you can trust no matter when or where you use it.

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    Key Features

    ABCD was developed with an understanding that non-profit organizations could benefit from a data system that was robust, flexible, and intuitive. It is robust, to enable data to be meaningfully collected and interpreted to support learning for all stakeholders. It is flexible, so that it fits the shape of your work (instead of forcing your work to fit the shape of your data system). Finally, it is intuitive so that users with any level of tech savviness feel confident and find it useful.

    • Real-Time ABCD Smart Tools Integration

    • Unlimited users and records

    • Outcomes measurement and impact evaluation

    • Secure single-server environment – no data in the cloud