Case management and outcome tracking for everyone.

  • All program data at your fingertips

  • Communicate what matters

  • Easy and secure data sharing

  • A team powered by learning

  • Improved adaptive capacity

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Simple & Smart

ABCD makes nonprofit data intuitive. We hide the complexity of nonprofit data management. The system is easy to use but powerful, both for inputting data and pulling out meaningful and comprehensive reports. DBMS has never been this easy!

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ABCD helps you, and your nonprofit, prepare for the future. Database management software designed for nonprofits to maximize flexibility, and adapt to emerging work. Scalable nonprofit software designed for the long-term.

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icon - collaborative ABCD makes shared measurement easy. Intelligent and flexible access control improves nonprofit data quality and ​empowers shared learning, while preserving the confidentiality of sensitive information.

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icon - transformational ABCD leverages collective wisdom. Support your nonprofit in becoming a collaborative learning organization, with engagement and productivity soaring due to the benefits of shared learning. Database management truly made easy!

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Forget the cloud. Take ownership of your data. 

Nonprofit data is sensitive, often confidential. Unlike Software-as-a-Service solutions, ABCD lives on a server designated by you. Combine the best of both worlds: access your nonprofit data from anywhere with a web connection, and be secure knowing your NPO is complying with legal requirements and following best practices.

Open-source flexibility. Simple yet powerful features. No license fees or user costs, ever.

This really is A Better Community Database. Making nonprofit database management easy.

ABCD revolutionizes data management for non-profits with an easy-to-use, flexible approach to collaborative learning. And with its powerful survey creation and ad-hoc report generation features, our software for non-profits will help you create significant insights quickly. ABCD is a smart choice for any NPO or social good collaborative looking for a better way to do data.