The creation and development of ABCD: A Better Community Database, originated from KRD Consulting Group. The team of consultants at KRD, having fully immersed themselves into the world of non-profits, in many different capacities, saw the need for a data management for non-profits that was smart, simple, and adaptable.

The idea was to democratize non-profit data. To create a world where every non-profit has access to smart, affordable and efficient program management and reporting, where outputs can be expressed in terms of larger impact and where databases help you work smarter, not harder. Through the cohesive and effective organization of data, organizations can create a collective learning environment which improves adaptability, responsiveness and shared awareness of impact.

ABCD Values

We envision non-profit organizations that are generative members of broader communities, engaging their clients, participants, partners, and funders in collective contribution to social good, based on smart data and good learning practices.

Our commitment is to provide simple, robust tools that strengthen learning teams, and to promote the spirit of collective learning for the common good.

We always put community first, acting from a commitment to foster trust, reciprocity and belonging.

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Meet The Team

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Collectively, the team at ABCD has worked and been involved in social services for over 16 years.

Our team has a wealth of diverse experience. We have worked in youth serving agencies, community development initiatives, homeless prevention/service agencies, family service agencies, older adult sector, and the educational sector – across the United States and Canada.

Ranging from in staff from a single person to multi-location, multi-department teams of 300; and operating budgets from $35,000 to $18,000,000.

ABCD is published under the GPL3.0 license, which makes it part of the public domain.

They can use, modify, and distribute the software without limitation as long as they don’t limit other users’ right to do the same.

Open source means the software is in the public domain. For you, this means a broader support base and significant cash savings now and into the future.

For us, it means that our business model is not predicated on “rent-seeking,” or extracting fees for past work. Our commitment is to continually create value for you throughout your user journey.