IS ABCD X, Y, & Z?

Modern non-profit organizations can leverage technology for a wide variety of purposes. Although in principle a single point of entry is a noble idea, in practice different software suites are needed for different tasks. ABCD does integrate several features usually not found together, but it is not all things to all people.


crmEven though you can manage participants, volunteers, and staff, ABCD is not designed as a communications tool or Constituent Relationship Manager. It will not manage mailing lists, memberships or track donor histories. If you are looking for a great CRM or communication software for non-profits, we have a list of some of our favourites.

financial accounting non-profitThere are many great accounting and financial software progams that non-profits can use to track spending and funding. While financials are not our speciality, we have provided you a list of our favourites in our blog.

piggy bank fundraisingWith ABCD, you can track and engage volunteers, but it is not a grant or donor management system. These functions can be handled from inside a CRM, or by a separate system.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a popular way of distributing software packages. You may have heard it referred to as being stored “in the cloud.” While there is certainly some convenience associated with using SaaS, it also diminishes your capacity to retain control over your data. When it comes to sensitive information entrusted to you by your constituents, we advocate strongly for private server installs instead of SaaS, and do not offer SaaS versions of ABCD.

There is plenty ABCD does do.

Now that you know what our software is not meant for, check out the features and functionalities of ABCD. See if the software is the right fit for your non-profit. 
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