What if program evaluation software wasn’t just the means to an end? What if it could help teams engage deeper, learn better and grow closer? What if it could help organizations capture learning value, build better initiatives and share their impact with the world? What if it felt like home?

Introducing ABCD: A Better Community Database.

For non-profits and other social good organizations, the ability to easily and accurately track, test, evaluate and report on programs in real-time is critical to evaluating program effectiveness and achieving sustainability. The ability to synthesize complex data across programs is also essential to understanding and demonstrating organizational impact.

ABCD is a game changer. It’s smart and flexible and very easy to learn. At last, you’ll have a smart way to report progress, achievements and successes to management, board members, donors and funders.

ABCD is a program that focuses on collaborative learning. It empowers all organizational members to learn about the impact of their work, and how to enhance it. ABCD turns data from tedious to transformational.

Learn how we compare.

Yes! ABCD’s powerful data analysis tools are hidden behind a simple and intuitive interface.

Confidential data is protected by built-in and configurable Access Control Lists. Whether you have multiple teams in an organization or multiple partners in a shared measurement platform, ABCD allows you to designate which data is available to who by creating shared and private layers.

From a security perspective, as a hosting-based installation (as opposed to cloud services), ABCD places you in full control and ownership over the data entrusted to you. You will always know where your servers are located, how they are secured,  how information is encrypted, and where and how data is backed up.

If you don’t have a ready resource, we offer full service professional hosting and maintenance supports for ABCD. Get in touch to learn what’s involved.


We built ABCD to be useful, useable and used. Your feedback is music to our ears.

It’s a very easy system to work with.  I’ve worked on some that are really hard to understand.

Kathy W., Front Line Case Worker, Edmonton

I found ABCD intuitive and easy to use. I especially like its reporting function. ABCD is a great find for agencies looking for an affordable and quick-to-set-up database and/or case management system.

Catherine A, Project Lead, Calgary

Thanks for your work with our data importing!  What you have created is greatly enabling us to demonstrate our effectiveness in the community.

Jean Claude M., Executive Director, Calgary