We’ve created a fully functional live demo of ABCD to give you a first-hand sense of the system. If you would prefer a guided tour, of the demo software, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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    ABCD is not business-as-usual in the world of non-profit software and data management. You are in control, right from the start. No required sales call just to see the system. Poke around and see what it feels like! Test the software to see if it’s a fit, and take the time to make the decision that is best for your organization. And if you have questions about how some features stack together, reach out and we’ll be glad to give you a guided tour.

    You betcha! Yes! Absolutely!

    All of the original database code is published under the General Public License, meaning anyone can download, use and modify the software for free, no strings attached.

    The installation and configuration stages do require some technical expertise and access to a functional server. As the developers and distributors of ABCD, we are available and well positioned to help you install the software, provide a professional hosting environment, as well as training and ongoing support. 

    ABCD is a web-based (but not cloud-based) software package. The database should be hosted on a private server that is physically and electronically secure, runs an encrypted web server instance and supports PHP 5.4+ and MySQL 5. On the front-end, no special software or plug-ins are needed, and ABCD has been tested with all modern browsers.

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