Program management and case management with outcome tracking for nonprofits. With decades of experience in non-profit work, ABCD aims to help nonprofits and other social good organizations. Our simple, intuitive software requires no knowledge of SQL, and aims to simplify case management, program management, and outcome tracking for NPOs.

And best of all –  no licensing fees! EVER!

Case Management

ABCD’s tools for nonprofit case management allow you to decide what data to collect, and can tailor to the existing workflows and data practices of your NPO. It’s also extremely easy to use.

This electronic records management (ERM) software only requires users input name and date-of-birth fields. The data you collect beyond this is for you to decide, allowing you to choose what best suits your NPO’s case management. 

Smart forms and dynamic form builders ensure the system can be customized to your case management needs. Whether it’s at the individual, group, or program-wide level, ABCD ensures effective and secure case management.

  • Case management at individual, group, and program-wide levels.

  • Smart file tracking to distinguish unique individuals from total headcount.

  • Secure communication even across confidentiality barriers.

  • Dynamic form builders to tailor to workflows and manage data collection.

  • Smart Reports: Insights and integration for evaluation methods. 


Program Management

By integrating day-to-day program management tasks directly with evaluative practice, ABCD program management tools create a collaborative learning experience for NPOs and other social good agencies. 

Stakeholders at all levels of your nonprofit or collaborative can see and analyze the impact of their work directly, deploying powerful data analysis in easy-to-use Smart Reports. 

Ensure smooth program management with technology for staff and volunteer management, scheduling, and reporting in real-time. ABCD shifts the dynamic for nonprofit data management, encouraging more meaningful teamwork.

  • Staff management

  • Volunteer management

  • Scheduling

  • Real-time Smart Report builder

  • Multiple user permissions

  • Unlimited users and records

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Outcome Tracking

ABCD outcome tracking tools allow nonprofits and other social good agencies to examine, explore and learn from both anticipated and unexpected outcomes with ease. Fuel your research with built-in, pre and post analysis and data visualisation tools.

All of your day-to-day program management tasks are integrated with tools for smart and simple monitoring of metrics and outcomes. ABCD can supports cutting-edge methodologies like Outcome Mapping, Outcome Harvesting, Most Significant Change, and Reflective Practice.

  • Program and process data integrated with form-collected information.

  • Build forms to support data collection in both linear and emergent evaluation (Program Logic Model indicators, Outcome Mapping behaviours, and more).

  • Grant evaluators direct access by giving them a specialized role, providing them access to only anonymized and aggregate information.


Data Management

ABCD is one of the few software platforms for nonprofits that actually grows and develops with the organization. Rather than becoming outdated and useless as your organizational needs evolve, ABCD adapts to promote growth rather than inhibiting it. 

No matter the current size of your nonprofit or its anticipated future development, ABCD accommodates and adapts to your NPO’s data management needs. ABCD’s user adaptability and range of customization makes our nonprofit software  a front-runner in the data management world.

  • Open source versatility and with no licensing fees.

  • Growth and development around your NPO’s data management needs. 

  • Adaptive to the needs of the organization and its users.

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Case management at the individual, group and program-wide level. Smart file tracking to distinguish unique individuals from total head-count even across confidentiality barriers. Use the Form Builder to match your workflow and create data collection instruments, and the system provides insights and integrates evaluation methods.

Click-and-drag for program assignments, envision case loads, and create schedules and task lists for staff members with ease.

Volunteers have access to their own files and relevant program calendars. Instantly communicate about upcoming events and jobs required. Gamify hours served for volunteers, and report on individuals, or across groups, jobs and programs with ease.

Create distinct calendars per program, for at-a-glance or detailed views. Staff, volunteers and ‘ad-hoc’ resources can be used for creating resource booking views.

ABCD non-profit software allows for smart and simple monitoring of metrics and outcomes, as well as playing along with cutting edge evaluation methodologies like Outcome Mapping, Outcome Harvesting, Most Significant Change and Reflective Practice.

Imagine you’re on the phone with a donor or a potential community partner. They ask, “So, how many older adult women living under the poverty line do you serve in our neighbourhood, anyway?

Or you’re in a team meeting planning next year’s program, and collectively wonder: “For the kids who attended our theatre program at least 5 times, what were the behavioural outcomes? Did this change at all for those who came at least 10 times?

In both cases you say, “Hang on a moment,” and produce an answer in under a minute. ABCD Smart Reports are an easy-to-use, powerful query builder that can produce descriptive statistics or complex lists from anywhere in your dataset on the fly. The data is available instantly so you can keep thinking, visioning and building.

Tired of filling out forms with unnecessary fields? Whether for intakes, service planning or evaluation surveys, your programs likely have distinct data requirements. So why do software packages ship with standard forms that aim to capture everyone’s needs and match nobody’s? Instead, ABCD software for non-profits puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to build the forms you need via an intuitive click-and-drag interface.

Keep your data safe and secure without limiting software functionality or features. ABCD permission levels work primarily at the data scope level, not the feature level. Designate teams and programs, and assign clients, staff and volunteers to each to match who can see what. The system keeps track of everything behind the scenes to help ensure uniformity of files.

Because of this flexibility, ABCD is a powerful support for collaborative projects. Initiatives that involve staff from multiple agencies, working within the constraints of distinct sets of bylaws and policies can build shared and private information layers to control data flow according to their governing data-sharing agreements.

Forget different software subscriptions with user and data limitation. Unlike other non-profit database software, ABCD is a single customizable version suitable for any size, and any potential growth, with unlimited users and records.