ABCD Easy.

ABCD is the easy-to-use software solution for nonprofit data management. Discover our tools for case & program tracking, and outcome tracking. We aim to help any nonprofits poised to grow their impact, or to transition grassroots projects into robust organizations. Thus we offer a limited subsidy which covers 70% of the first year costs. Apply below.

ABCD Easy is our way of saying we see you. We acknowledge your efforts. We want to help.


How does ABCD make data management easy for nonprofits?

You’re running on hand-written sticky notes, spreadsheets and documents. Some of them are on the desktop PC your founder gave you six years ago – please don’t let it crash! Others are on Google Docs – wait, is it Docs or Drive? Or are we on Dropbox now? Anybody got the password? My version disappeared.

This was fine when you first started. But you’re poised to grow now. Your programs have been successful, you are hiring staff, and talking with institutional funders. You recognize you need a new system. You want to have more faith in the accuracy of your data. But nonprofit database platforms are costly in time and in money. You apply for an organizational development grant, but the amount requested is too high compared to your NPO’s budget. What can you do?

ABCD Helps You Get Started

We want to help. Each year, we invite 5 small Canadian nonprofits to a full-service ABCD experience. At a fraction of the price.

The software itself is already free. It is part of the public domain – you already own it. With the ABCD Easy program, we work with you to help you get the most out of the platform. If selected, you will get access to our “Standard” installation package with a subsidy that covers more than 70% of your cost. You will also be eligible for shared hosting and maintenance services with others in your annual cohort.

Here’s what implementation support includes:

  • Data strategy consultation

  • ABCD setup and configuration

  • Custom form setup

  • Training of staff and volunteers to use ABCD

Are You Eligible?

To help non-profit organizations self-identify for this opportunity, we have implemented some eligibility boundaries:

  • Need: Revenue under $150,000/year

  • Capacity: Able to designate one or more internal champions responsible to learn and utilize the system

  • Potential: Have a track record of successful programs or projects, but lack the means to demonstrate impact

Ready to get started? Apply here:


    If you don’t fit into this particular box, don’t worry – we still want to work together! Reach out for a regular-sized free consult.
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