As a Canadian Social Enterprise providing database solutions for nonprofits, ABCD is highly involved in the Canadian NPO sector. There is an endless list of NPOs making significant impact, and their work inspires us to be an even better database community. Join us in this post as we share some of the hidden gems among Canadian nonprofits in 2021, and to learn more about ABCD.

7 Canadian Nonprofits and Their Initiatives

A Better Community Database (ABCD) has the mission to empower nonprofits and other social good agencies in Canada and around the world. 

We aim to help, whether it’s through ABCD database solutions, collaborative learning and sharing of our knowledge, or simply shining light on NPOs and charities that catch our attention.

To this end, today we would like to share our list of Canadian nonprofits who we believe are making significant changes in the communities they aim to serve. This post will look specifically at NPOs in Canada, and name 7 Canadian nonprofits who deserve some time in the spotlight.

1. Soccer Without Boundaries – Calgary

soccer without boundaries home page screengrab

This Canadian nonprofit, Soccer Without Boundaries is a Community Development organization which builds deep connections among folks who otherwise experience social exclusion. Their mission is to help children, youth and families from newcomer and racialized groups integrate with community through sport, music, art, and learning.

Soccer Without Boundaries in Calgary manages programs for soccer clubs, food security, after-school programs, music and arts groups, and groups for girls, women, and elders. They also run summer soccer camps, year-round Saturday soccer clubs, and volunteer activities for building life skills and job training.

2. Check Your Head (CYH) – Vancouver

Check your head canadian nonprofit homepage screen capture

Next, there is Check Your Head (CYH), Vancouver, a youth-driven NPO. Since 1999, CYH has been committed to centering and engaging multiply-marginalised youth (ages 15-25) in the intersecting movements of social, economic, and environmental justice. 

CYH provides space and resources for youth to learn and participate in significant justice issues. As a Canadian nonprofit, they aim in particular to disrupt any systems of oppression while operating in solidarity with Indigenous sovereignties on their own terms. 

In operation, they facilitate community-informed collabs and partnerships, supporting organisers with access to the resources / advocacy they require for their grassroot efforts. By activating, engaging, and supporting the youth in this way, they work towards more equitable, sustainable, and liberation-oriented realities and futures.

3. ArtSpace – Winnipeg

screen grab of Artspace homepage

Another Canadian nonprofit we would like to share is ArtSpace, Winnipeg. With over 30 years in operation, this nonprofit centre NPO has established itself as a leader in Manitoba’s arts and cultural community. 

ArtSpace’s mission is to build a space for arts and culture to flourish. They provide low-cost facilities at below market rates and a suite of shared services to house and support arts and cultural initiatives and organizations.

4. Heartwood House – Ottawa

heart wood house homepage screen capture

Ottawa’s Heartwood House is another significant Canadian nonprofit. This NPO aims to serve Ottawa residents who are marginalised, living in poverty, and/or require additional support. Support includes educational, mental health, emotional, physical, economic, employment, training, and recreational. 

Specifically, the Heartwood House provides space and resources for collaboration and development of formal and informal partnership in the greater community. These aim to ensure an affordable, accessible workspace for NPOs and other social good agencies to come together “under one roof” to maximise services in a mutually supportive environment. 

By bringing Canadian NPOs and other charitable organisations together, the Heartwood House hopes to create an empowering environment for agencies, clients, and participants.

5. Parrot Partners – Ottawa

Parrot Partners Canada aims to improve the quality of life for parrots in the Canadian wild and in our homes. This NPO provides humane and professional rehabilitation, training, and education programs to make the next generation of owners and social influencers aware and responsible.

Along with their education programs, Parrot Partners Canada also runs regular workshops for veterinary technicians, current and future parrot owners and trainers, and for parrot sitters. 

6. Council for Black Aging Community – Montreal

Council for Black Aging Community website screen capture

Another Canadian nonprofit that deserves attention is the Council for the Black Aging Community of Montreal. This NPO is a charitable corporation in operation since 1987. It addresses the specific needs of the Black Aging community.

By providing emotional support networks, the Council for the Black Aging Community of Montreal provides services and emotional support networks. Through these, they aim to create a space for seniors to engage in social, recreational, cultural, and educational activities. 

Activities are designed to prevent feelings of social isolation, to foster continuous engagement in the community, and overall to enhance quality of life. The NPO believes that by promoting, encouraging, and assisting seniors, it can create an environment where seniors have support to maintain autonomy and independence at home for as long as possible. 

7. Canadian Roots Exchange

Canadian Roots Exchange website home screen capture

The final Canadian nonprofit on today’s list is Canadian Roots Exchange. This group of Indigienous and non-Indigienous youth aims to bridge the gap between Canada’s peoples and work towards reconciliation. 

Through gatherings, workshops, and leadership training, Canadian Roots Exchange hopes to improve education and raise awareness on the teachings, triumphs, and daily realities of the Indigenous communities in Canada. 

Canadian Roots Exchange ultimately wants to unite the youth in cities, towns, and traditional Canadian territories to break down stereotypes, create dialogue, and establish lasting relationships for the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of Canada.

Want to learn more about Canadian NPOs?

With over 170,000 charitable and non-profit organizations in Canada, there is an endless pool of social good agencies to support. In this post, we wanted to shine light on some of the NPOs that have caught our eye at ABCD, which hopefully inspire you to learn more about them and contribute to their efforts and outcomes. 

Is there a local nonprofit doing great work in your community? Share their story with us to see them included in a future instalment of this post. 

At ABCD, we aim to empower nonprofits and other social good agencies with data management solutions for program evaluation, case evaluation, and outcome tracking. Our software simplifies data management, requiring no knowledge of SQL, and comes with no additional user costs and the long-term security NPOs demand in 2021.

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